how to move on for electric bodies

Diana Khong's poem brings you the steps for moving on: denial, displacement, catharsis, and...


by Diana Khong



  1. denial. some people go out to get milk and a pack of cigarettes and they never come out. so you rationalise. the milk shipment hasn’t and never will come in. minimart ran out of his favourite cigarettes so he went camel-hunting. he’s skydiving or nature-walking or whatever the hell else. but obituaries don’t say “went out to get milk. -love, dad.”
  1. displacement. you blame your mother. you blame yourself for drinking too much. you blame god for not existing and your neighbour for cooking too many damn casseroles.
  1. catharsis. you burst the bulb. you fill with kerosene. it takes you days to find your hands, feet, legs, again. gravity realigns. you are stoking the fire with your own flesh. you are being put out.
  1. you bury the body. preferably, it is not your own.

Diana Khong | @oldadams

Diana Khong is a poet and artist of colour from Massachusetts. She is currently on the five-woman of colour team curating the small zine, Ascend, and has work forthcoming in Affirmations, Vagabond City, and Milk Magazine.

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