How I Feel These Days

Our generation's changing definitions, explored in Nicole Davis's poignant poem

by Nicole Davis



Generation chaos, generation calm
Slippery; the future held in another’s hands
Like a bitter-scented balm.
Time once well-spent feels wasted
and the cataclysm nears,
Grave-diggers stand before us, shadows
handing us our rears.


Generation fraud, generation frank
Shrivelled; the hope held in our hearts
Usurped by souped-up mountebanks
Carbon promises come and go
and the milky currents churn
Battle-cries ring discordant, silence
left to burn.


Generation nothing, generation all
Futures; shrink behind the sun
Rattling in the distance, our echoic, birdsong call
Snorting headlines laced with deceit
Amid dead-end paper trails
Whose to know what is to come; wind
withered beneath our sails.


Generation chaos, generation calm
Grieve; the halcyon glow long-gone
Cities fogged and faltered, cindered in napalm
Bereft of tide or tempest
We’ve been left to idle free,
Nothing to buoy our spirits, undocked
and out at sea.


Nicole Davis | @stonecoledfox

Cinephile. Coffee addict. Creative writer. London-dweller. Marketing Assistant for We Are Colony.