Grazia Collective + Other Events in the DD Calendar

Team DD is constantly amazed at the amount of events on offer throughout London. Here we tell you about an evening spent with the Grazia Collective, and share our calendar with you.

by Dear Damsels Team

Here at DD, we are constantly amazed at the amount of events on offer throughout London, specifically geared towards an exploration of creativity and sharing of ideas.

This week, we had the pleasure of attending one such event, in the form of a Grazia Collective evening, a panel discussion with writers Jessie Burton, Laura Jane Williams, Bridget Minamore, Bryony Gordon and Elizabeth Day, taking ‘Overcoming Creative Barriers’ as its subject.


Against the candlelit setting of Cafe Murano, amongst a room of ridiculously well-dressed women, a full and lively discussion ensued. The question ‘How do you keep that creative time sacred when we’re all just knackered most of the time?’ is one that’s been asked many times before, but the conversation it led to in this scenario was honest and illuminating, and particularly relevant to this generation. The internet was appraised as both a potential distraction for writers and a democratising platform giving a voice to people who would have otherwise remained silent; day jobs were discussed; and Beyonce’s LEMONADE was cited twice as a marker of success (after all, aren’t we all just working towards our LEMONADE?).

We think these kinds of events, where women get together to openly discuss the reality of writing and creating, are so important – and we love to stuff our calendar full of them. So much so that we’ve put together this list of upcoming events in the DD diary…

1. Young Gold Talks

12th November @ Google Campus

The day-long event of our dreams: Young Gold Teeth is holding a festival of talks and Q&As from speakers across the industries, including gallery owners, online retailers, magazine editors, small businesses, artists and many more. The aim is to provide valuable insights into the creative industries, and offer advice and info on anything from pitching to a gallery, to running a flourishing independent business.


Collectively Unleashed | Future of Work: How can we Embrace our Inner Swede?

20th September @ The Hoxton, Holborn

So, we may have missed out on tickets for this one [distressed face emoji], and haven’t quite got over it yet. But we’re including it here anyway as it is another *prime* example of exciting free events going on around London (you’ve just got to be quick enough to snap up those tix). Collectively, one of our favourite platforms, is running a series of events of which this is the first. The evening will feature a discussion on the future of work, specifically taking the example of the Swedes to assess whether they’ve got things right (shorter working hours, wage equality, mandatory cake and coffee breaks . . .). We won’t be missing out the next event in this great series!




3. For Books’ Sake’s 6th Birthday Bash

16th September @ The Star of Kings

We ❤ For Books’ Sake – a charitable organisation championing writing by women and girls, challenging inequality and empowering women of all backgrounds – so we’ve got our disco pants at the ready for their annual party.The night will see incredible performances from women writers and a literary themed disco. What more could you ask for? If you needed anymore reason to buy a ticket, all the profits from ticket sales will be reinvested back into For Book’s Sake’s mission to champion and support writing by women.

Tickets available


4. Barbican OpenFest

8th October @ Barbican

A whole free day of art, entertainment and inspiration at the Barbican Centre and a chance to explore everything it has to offer. There’ll be art installations, pop-up theatre and even workshop sessions. The perfect day to get those creative juices flowing.




Are you going to any of these events? Let us know! We love to hear from you. And if you know of or are running an event that you think we’d be interested in attending, tell us about that too!


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