DD Reading List: Tension

Your DD Reading List for TENSION is here: books that perfectly echo the taut, charged writing electrifying the site this month.


The long-awaited season of fireside reading is finally here! And while the wind whips up a storm outside, what better kind of book to curl up with than one that gets you turning the pages in a state of agitation until you reach the spine-tingling conclusion? Guest book blogger Charlotte Hall is supplying your DD Reading List for TENSION: four books that perfectly echo the taut, emotionally charged pieces that will be electrifying the site all month.



The Missing
by C.L. Taylor


The Missing is about a young woman who, to the outside world, has the perfect life. With a loving partner, a job which she adores and a settled life in rural Wales, everything appears to be normal – however, no one but Jane Hughes knows that her life is a complete lie. This book is the ultimate page turner, with every single chapter left hanging on a knife edge. Addictive, tense and utterly compelling, The Missing is a novel that you will struggle to put down, and never forget.




We Need to Talk About Kevin
by Lionel Shriver


We Need to Talk About Kevin is narrated by a mother in a series of letters to her estranged husband after her son, shortly before turning sixteen, goes into his school and shoots dead nine people. The mother, Eva, writes to her husband about Kevin’s upbringing, their relationship and how it ended up the way it has. It’s a harrowing read that makes you think about the influence a parent has on your life, and the degree to which a parent can be wholly blamed for the crime that a child like Kevin committed, or whether he was simply born with that type of mind. It’s certainly not easy to read and it’s certainly not relaxing but I’ve found myself thinking about the book since I finished it on a number of different occasions, which in my opinion, is the sign of a very well written novel. It’s compelling, incredibly intelligent and highly recommended.



The Sisters
by Claire Douglas

The Sisters
tells the story of a girl who moves to a new town following the tragic death of her identical twin sister. As one tale after another adds up, it becomes difficult for Abi to keep up and it becomes even more difficult to know who to believe between her and her new friend, Beatrice. If you enjoy The Missing, you’ll absolutely devour The Sisters, a tense and gripping psychological thriller with so many twists and turns, you’ll be exhausted by the end.



We Should All Be Feminists
by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

We Should All Be Feminists
is a short, sharp and gripping essay about gender; about the positive effects of equality on wider society; and about inclusion of all within feminism. An accessible read for everyone, and an interesting read for anyone, the book version of Chimamanda’s 2013 TEDx Talk is an intense and thought-provoking read which gave me goosebumps. Feminism can be a tense topic, a tense debate, but Chimamanda’s way of speaking is so eloquent and fair that any angst is completely eradicated. It truly is a breathtaking read.


Charlotte Hall | @charlottehallx | writtenbyagirl.com

Charlotte is a 21-year-old blogger currently travelling the world while making her way through her never-ending TBR list.

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