An Epiphany

Revelations and realisations are reached in Mariam Khan's poem.

by Mariam Khan


You see I’m not a dreamer, I live in reality
You purged my mind of those dreams
Let’s have a cup of tea
Answer me

Is it too hard in this world for me?
I’m tired of waiting patiently,
Let me be

I’m not a disease
Stop telling me who to be and how to breathe,
My heart is beating furiously
Don’t make me angry

I’m tired of waiting for your approval and at some point it was so crucial
But all I got was your disapproval, my removal, don’t you think you were so brutal?
Let’s stop this duel with our knife-like tongues and be neutral
That would be useful
I’m just a girl, unbeautiful, unusual and you are choking me out of my survival

I’m going to restart,
Wash my heart, remove this bogart, sweetheart
I drew a flow chart
It began with me, and the rest was a new start

You built me up but now you are tearing me apart,
This isn’t the dark arts
It’s a drowning ship I need to depart
I’m in desperate need of a holiday, an airport
Give me distance, I want no more of your assistance, this is resistance, this is my existence!

I had an epiphany, it was of the real me, and she was as far away from you as she could be.

Mariam Khan | Twitter @helloiammariam | Instagram helloiammariam | Facebook helloiammariam

Mariam is an intersectional feminist, avid reader, creator of the #FeminismInYA chat on Twitter and blogger at

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