The world keeps turning and it's all we can do to keep holding on, in Stéph Kuypers' plaintive poem.

by Stéph Kuypers

affiirmation feature.jpg

Ah world, you look so tired
and so am I
tossing and turning
in my bed at 5am
in the morning
when I am counting the sheep
and hoping desperately that there are less
than I think.
Ah world, I don’t know how you turn and turn
and don’t throw up
for I surely would
when faced with the State today.
Ah world, let me sleep
and I can dream a kinder you


Stéph Kuypers
@the_writingdesk |

Stéph is a long-time writer working on her first young adult novel, and co-writing a London-based murder mystery podcast.

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