Barbican Young Poet Anna Kahn's poem covers age, journey and potential – all from the smallest acorn.

by Anna Kahn


I gathered 1,000 years of acorns from 1,000 trees,
had them piled into tankers and sent to her door.

On the news they said you could see the line of them
from space. When the lead driver rang the bell

she kept the chain on and signed for the delivery
through the gap, had them leave the crates on the lawn.

She gathered all the acorns in the palm of her hand
and said, you could have planted so many forests.

Anna Kahn 

Anna Kahn is a corporate copyeditor and one of the 2015–16 Barbican Young Poets. She lives with three cats and one human. She’s performed all over the South of England and her poetry has been published in print and online, most recently on Blue of Noon and in the forthcoming Spoken Word London 2015–16 anthology.