A New Place to Call Home

Jenny Campbell's lyrical poem considers the places she's been, taking her far away from the place she calls home.

Far above our heads is the cobalt-coloured sky,
The sun’s glare paled by marbled clouds,
We sit by the edge of the lucent blue sea,
As dusk falls, we watch the horizon,
Orange flames pour over the cool ocean,
Night comes: the moonlight slicing through the black midnight air,
The star-strewn canvas reflecting onto the darkened water below,
Our eyes, awe-inspired, witness its phosphorescent glow,
Incandescent beads spilling onto the shoreline,
Then, the cresting waves break like chinks of glass,
The icy shards shimmer and turn skyward, as the wind changes,
And great pillars of light radiate among celestial spheres,
The night’s amorphous shadows swiftly brightened
By vast columns of green and purple and white,
Its immense beauty halting our breath—

For now, we journey across the curving globe,
To islands with fledgling wings we’ve flown,
Far from the house we called our home.

The clink of the key in the lock,
As the verdant trees tilt in the breeze,
Pink blossom falling to the ground,
Sunlight rushing through the kitchen window,
Surrounded by yellow flowering fields,
Hidden spinneys, rocky streams,
Birds flying high over red rooftops.
Cold, hard brick upon brick,
The house we loved –
Now only dwells in our memory.

As we look for a new place to call home,
Far above our heads, for our wings have grown,
Our lives stretch out before us: beautiful, as yet unknown.


Jenny Campbell | @jenbob_27

Jenny Campbell works for a publishing house in London. When she’s not devouring chocolate, she’s devouring books. Diabolo trickster and indie music fanatic.