A Cultural Home: Barbican Young Poets Showcase + Other Events in the DD Calendar

Last week Team DD went on a date night to the Barbican Young Poets Showcase and had the time of our lives, so we've decided to share our list of upcoming, must-attend events with you. Read the list!

Last Wednesday night, Team DD took themselves on a date night to the Barbican Young Poets Showcase. 

A programme and workshop for budding poets, Barbican Young Poets provides a place for writers to come together and develop their writing as well as perform together. The showcase was brilliant – completely varied (our favourite lines ranged from ‘He doth cheat’ to ‘He wonders whether this is how Hiroshima looked from the heavens’), as well as moving and entertaining. But what particularly came across was the love for the programme – the young performers gushed about it, as well as about each other, before stepping up to the mic to perform their amazing pieces to an ecstatic crowd filled with alumni from previous years of the programme, plus a lot of family and friends of the poets – I was truly unprepared for the whoops and hollers of support. It was perhaps one of the most positive atmospheres I’ve experienced, and it felt entirely like each poet had found a home, and a family, in the programme.

The performances also made us realise how lucky we are to be able to rock up to an event like this – to have access to such a hub of creativity and share in it. Our city is buzzing and bustling with creative and cultural events, and to celebrate and mark that fact, we decided to make a list of some of the events in our calendar over the next few months . . .


Other events in the DD calendar


Young Feminists London Presents 3/4/16
3rd April 2016 @ The George Tavern

An afternoon of feminist discussion and poetry hosted by Young Feminist London, featuring speakers including human rights lawyer Lauren Meyer and poet Emily Harrison. DD are particularly looking forward to attending this free (whaaat) event next week. See you there!


The Quarter Club Salon #4 – Decision
26th April 2016 @ Topolski Bar

We’ve been meaning to go to one of the Quarter Club’s brilliant events for a while, and this one is firmly in our calendar. The fourth Quarter Salon is dedicated to Decision: the discussion will be taking a close look at the things we do to instigate change in our lives. There’ll be speakers, discussion and dialogue, plus prosecco and nibbles. What more could you ask for?

Tickets available

Creative Writing – Writing a Spring Short Story with Femi Martin
5th April 2016 @ Southbank Centre

An amazing chance to join writer Femi Martin as she leads a workshop on the craft of the short story. This workshop is part of a year-long programme of creative writing events run by Southbank Centre this year so even if you can’t make next week, you should definitely check out the other events going on here.

Tickets available

Introduction to Independent Magazine Publishing (hosted by frieze)
12th April 2016 @ Rochelle School

An exciting evening seminar providing an overview of what it entails to launch your own magazine – from initial idea to distribution. Featuring speakers from the industry, this is sure to be an extremely interesting evening providing an unique and practical insight into what we all wish we could do, i.e. start our own trendy magazine.

Tickets available

Creative Sessions – Talk and Draw (The National Gallery)
Weekly @ The National Gallery

We recently discovered these amazing free events held by the National Gallery and it’s now on our list of Things We Want To Do: in these weekly sessions, you join an artist and lecturer to explore a painting from the gallery in two different ways. First you listen to a brief talk, and then you respond by making your own work in a short, artist-led drawing session. Sounds a bit like a school trip activity, but in a really nice way.


Are you going to any of these events? Let us know! We love to hear from you. And if you know of or are running an event that you think we’d be interested in attending, tell us about that too!


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