50 Shaded Poems

Poet Cassy Fry shares with us her evocative blackout poetry, taken from Fifty Shades of Grey.

It takes a certain kind of magic to find poetry in dark places. Yet poet Cassy Fry has managed to do that with one of the darkest and most notorious novels of our time, Fifty Shades of Grey.

I survived from 50 Shaded Poems by Cassy Fry50 Shaded Poems is a book of blackout poems that Cassy has created by taking black markers to her 50p copy of E.L. James’ story. The result is evocative, extremely perceptive poetry that pulls out intense, strong imagery from its parent text.

Dream from 50 Shaded Poems by Cassy Fry

Cassy says of the project: ‘What I love about blackout poetry is that it is transformative, you can uncover different narratives from the same words. The challenge of this project was to avoid the erotic and create something gently inspiring.’

Plan B from 50 Shaded Poems by Cassy Fry

‘It started as an experiment, a creative challenge, but I felt really proud of the poems. I already share my poetry on Instagram and Tumblr, but I wanted to put them out as a collection. You can read them individually, but they also work as one epic poem.’

Refreshing Experience from 50 Shaded Poems by Cassy Fry

Cassy successful funded the project on Kickstarter, and independently published in 2015. There are also prints, postcards and badges of the work available. Cassy has also launched a Patreon page, and will exhibit 50 Shaded Poems at an exhibition at Deptford Lounge later this year.

We were bowled over by Cassy’s creativity and her talent for forming beautiful and lyrical poems from a dense, problematic text, and cannot wait to see more from her.


Cassy Frywww.cassyfry.com | @CassyFry