The October Letter

Dear Damsels

The theme for October is REMEMBRANCE.

Memories drenched in sepia. Rose-tinted flashbacks. Just yesterday, or years ago. These are the moments that made you and shaped you – the ones you cling on to and the ones you can’t shake.

It sparks up, tied to an object, a smell, a person. It’s the reason behind the rituals that have embedded themselves into your days, like muscle memory, a hangover from another time.

It’s new voices keeping an old story alive, something that once was being reborn again with every retelling. A special kind of haunting. It’s promising not to forget.

How will you remember? Let us know. Our guidelines can be found here, and submissions can be sent to by Friday 29th September. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks and love,
DD x

Submissions for this theme are now closed. Take a look at next month’s theme, here.

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