The January Letter

Dear Damsels,

January’s theme is ENERGY.

You feel it, right? It’s burning inside of you. Your own personal supply of electricity that sparks and shines and goes on.

Taking it from places, from projects, from people. Bouncing off of them to create and inspire and to do better.

You invest it, and hope that it will be worth it. That at the end of the line, you’ll be given back what you’ve put in.

Sometimes you’re not, of course. Sometimes you’re let down. Sometimes you can’t kickstart the meter and you’re left sparkless.

Love and thanks,

DD x

Submissions for this theme are no longer being accepted – you can view the contributions below.

Protest and Energy: Women’s March London

On 20.01.16, we joined the Women’s March in London. Here we talk about its energy, its purpose, and what comes next, according to those who were there.

The Witchsmith

Rebecca Smith’s transportive piece of short fiction will take you to a world of shimmering heat and suggestion.

Skin of Your Lips

Ella D. Gajic’s poem on the destructive compulsions of a relationship.


Jumping between breaths during an asthma attack, Lauren Waugh’s poem considers energy, effort and lost potential.

A Reminder

Maria Ilona Moore is here to remind you of what it feels like when things are good – for those days when they’re not.

When small children play with ants

Emily Ford on the overwhelming desire to be reckless


Sarah Little returns with a poem for late nights spent at the kitchen table, where sparks fly.


Jess Glaisher captures in words that relentless, tactile energy, the push and the pull, and the need to continue.

Afternoon Thundershowers on the Highveld

Writer Danielle describes the magical energy contained within a summer storm in South Africa.

Laced Clouds

Ella D. Gajic’s battle call poem fights back against the dark clouding our society and politics

Cold Bone to Clotted Cream

Jane Bradley’s short dark fiction explores fateful friendships and wakeful nights spent either side of a bedroom wall.

through my veins

Sarah Little’s poem takes you to the point of frisson on a humming humid night

In Spite of Myself

Anna Myers on her One Big Resolution for 2017 – and learning to let the rest take of itself.

Eclipse Season

The energy of intimacy sparks in Sophie Hanson’s beautiful poetry

Since I Left Me

Kelly Adams finally pushes back the covers and reaches a moment of self-discovery in our first piece of the month.