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The August Letter

Dear Damsels, Innocence, inexperience or ignorance? The theme for August is YOUTH. Fleeting yet formative, inextricably bound up with a place, a person, a season. It’s… Read More

6 years ago

The July Letter

Dear Damsels, It isn’t easy. It never is. But still we try, dusting ourselves off, brushing away the ‘no’s and the ‘cannots’ and heading back into the fray. Read More

6 years ago

The March Letter

Dear Damsels, It’s time to start again. Make your comeback, resurrect an old version of yourself, go back to basics and rebuild. The theme for… Read More

6 years ago

The May Letter

Dear Damsels, A tingle. A flash. A wave, crashing against you and pulling you forward. Our theme for May is THRILLS. From those bright sparks… Read More

6 years ago

The April Letter

Dear Damsels, Far off, remote and out of sight – the theme for April is DISTANCE. It’s between people, between places. Compass points and miles on… Read More

6 years ago

The January Letter

Dear Damsels, Our first theme of 2018 is POWER. Growing under the surface, vibrating in your fingertips. Pure, electric potential. It’s everything you’ve wanted to… Read More

6 years ago

The February Letter

Dear Damsels, The theme for February is SECRETS.  Tightly held, softly whispered, the promise-not-to-tells that tie one person to another. We’re entrusted with it. We swear… Read More

6 years ago

The December Letter

Dear Damsels, Your theme for December is TRACE. It’s what we leave behind. Imprints and impressions on people, places and objects, declaring that yes, I have… Read More

6 years ago

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