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Anna Kerr

Anna is a recent university graduate and aspiring writer currently navigating her early 20s in North London. She feels most herself when she is wearing a flowy dress, moisturised, listening to Solange or dancing in direct sunlight (or preferably, all those things at once). She/her. Read More

Dominique Gracia

Dominique Gracia is a Victorianist, fascinated by things that come up again and again, and run below the surface, from Greek mythology to cultural tropes that won’t die, and the emotions that carry them all along.… Read More

Cicely King

Cicely is a researcher in her late twenties, with a degree in Sociology, and a keen interest in writing about feminism, sex and women’s experiences. Read More

Kat Nugent

Kat Nugent a copywriter and brand consultant living and working in London. She is an aspiring writer and loves to write flash fiction and short stories that uncover meaning in the mundane. Read More

Leanne Moden

Leanne Moden is a poet from Nottingham. She’s performed at events around Europe, including the Living Record Festival, WOMAD Festival, the BBC Edinburgh Fringe Slam, the Fourth Wave Feminist Festival, and Bestival on the Isle of Wight. Her latest collection, ‘Get Over Yourself’ was published with Burning Eye Books in… Read More

India-Rose Channon

India-Rose Channon is a disabled poet, fiction author, and song writer who mostly writes queer stories. She has been published in the Manchester Anthology and her writing has appeared on the Hysterical Women blog and Fizz. She holds an MA with distinction in Creative Writing and currently volunteers as a copy editor. Read More

Abi Carter

Abi grew up in Oxford. After a few stints abroad in Germany and the Netherlands, she now lives in Bristol and works as a freelance writer, editor and translator. Read More

Susie Dalton

Susie Dalton is a new writer. She is originally from Northern Ireland, now based in Edinburgh. Read More

Louise McStravick

Louise is a writer and poet from Birmingham. She has performed across the country in person and online, as well as in Amsterdam. Her collection, How to Make Curry Goat was released in July 2020 with Fly on the Wall Press. Read More

Alice Godliman

Alice is a poet, writer, performer and workshop facilitator based in Manchester, who’s performed for International Women’s Day and Reclaim the Night, as well as events around London, Manchester and at the Edinburgh Fringe. You can find more of her work in the anthology Let Me Know When You’re Home, as… Read More

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