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Georgina Jeronymides-Norie

Georgina is a poet, facilitator and singer-songwriter with individual poems published online and in-print, including with InkSweat&Tears, Heroica, Dear Damsels and Forward Poetry. She has performed in prestigious venues across the UK with various collectives and has an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. FB: @georginanoriepoetry… Read More

Dushi Rasiah

Dushi Rasiah is a Tamil editor based in London. She has only recently started sharing her writing with the wider world, and her fiction explores cross-cultural relationships, family dynamics and diasporic experiences. Her hobbies include reading, eating and watching Mad Men. Read More

Emily Hopkins

Emily Hopkins is a 31 year old public health professional and new mother living in London. She had long believed that maternity leave would be her opportunity to finally write her novel (ha!). Realising there would never be a perfect time to pursue writing, she recently undertook Write like a… Read More

Ilisha Thiru Purcell

Ilisha Thiru Purcell is a poet based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her work has appeared in Popshot, The Butcher’s Dog and she has created work for the Association of Anaesthetists. She is a member of the collective Brown Girls Write who released their first anthology Sanctuary earlier this year. Ilisha… Read More

Laura Christine Price

Laura Christine Price is a writer, teacher and historian from Yorkshire. When she isn’t teaching history and English to teenagers, she writes novels, short stories and poetry. Her academic writing has been published in books and journals, and a volume on working class history that she has co-edited will be… Read More

Courtney Burk

Courtney Burk is a writer from the mitten state. She enjoys long walks along the great lakes with her husband and rescue mutts. Her work can be read at and on social media… Read More

Sara Sherwood

Sara Sherwood is a writer from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Sara’s short stories have been featured in Dear Damsels’ anthology Let Me Know When You’re Home: Stories of Female Friendship, Test Signal, an anthology of best new northern writing published by Dead Ink and Bloomsbury and Best British Short Stories 2022. Her short story… Read More

Riley Forsythe

Riley Forsythe writes poetry, fiction, and experiential music reviews. She has an MA in Creative Writing from London Metropolitan University, and is an enthusiastic graduate of the Write Like A Grrl programme. Read More

Sophie Titcomb

Sophie is the director and lead writer at Yarn, a copywriting agency in Nottingham. Having spent the last decade writing for briefs and brands, she’s now tentatively returning to creative writing, specialising in flash fiction, short stories, and lyrical essays. You can see more of her words at… Read More

Rebecca Wayman

Rebecca was born and raised in Sunderland, and currently resides in Leeds. She works in communications with a background in journalism and copywriting. She bagged herself a Creative and Critical Writing MA from the University of Leeds in 2021, and has been trying to put it to good use ever since. Read More

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