We’ve absolutely loved the writing for WISDOM. It’s been such a gorgeous way to start the year – diving into the important lessons that have shaped our writers and picking up our own learnings along the way.

We hope it’s inspired you to pick up a pen. If you need a bit more coaxing, we recently shared some of our WISDOM theme prompts as part of a competition on our social media. These were taken from our Patreon, where we share regular prompts to our online themes for our Patreon members.

Read on for the themes, as well as the winner’s entry below…

Writing prompts

Winner submission

Congratulations to Emma Boyns, who wins a DD book of her choice! Here’s her winning submission:

There are so many places to learn outside of a classroom. Write about an unconventional place you picked up some of the most important lessons in your life.

In lockdown, I became a live-in carer. My creative clients drifted away like droplets from a cough and so I worked with a non-verbal learning disabled man, whose needs I needed to guess as if answers to a crossword puzzle I didn’t have the knowledge for. I learnt about myself, about his world, what it is to be disabled in the midst of a pandemic. About patience and assertiveness and how mentally exhausting it can be to care for another human twenty-four hours a day. 

But what I really learnt was that, despite threads of patience wearing to thin, brittle strands after little sleep, kindness can still shine through. It was shared in a dance, wheelchairs veering around leaping bodies. It was shown in an uncharacteristic smile, from an autistic barista learning to make coffee. And it was communicated silently, from myself to my client and gloriously mirrored back again.

Thanks to everyone else who submitted a response to one of our prompts or tried them out yourself – we loved reading your words and hope you enjoyed getting creative.

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