by Rachel David

I want to be a cat
soft, strong, supple 
yoga nidrasana in my sleep
paw behind my head, scratch my ear
dragonfly my resting pose 
fall into the splits

I want to be a cat
not a fat piece of flesh struggling 
into hanumanasana
limbs flailing in pincha mayurasana
I’ll jump six times my height
my body will stretch out like a rug

I want to be a cat
and I’ll own you, not the other way round
finger flick, double tap
cats don’t  worry about 
likes and shares and follows
they sleep upside down

I want to be a cat
so I dream with paws stretched out
so I warm my face in the sunlight
so I free myself from all of you
so you adore me
and I don’t give a fuck

Rachel David

Rachel has mostly focused on writing about science and health for both specialist and lay audiences. She also writes a blog ( and newsletter focused on wellbeing and the science behind yoga and other mind–body practices. Secretly, she’s always dreamed about writing a novel, but has mainly been drawn to poetry and flash fiction. She’s mostly inspired by philosophy, nature and her cat

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