by Alice Whiting

sat on the balcony very pleasant
my plants doing much better than I’d hoped
A great shop today
asparagus so fat and ginormous and delicious
and Jersey royal potatoes.
Paul gave me the loveliest outing
first time for 6 weeks
Beautiful skyline
a large heron at Pett
flock of canadian geese
a pair of swans and two almost fully grown signets along the road to Appledore.
Thank you for all your beautiful letters
News of Ruby always a favourite of mine
I liked the piece about the children playing in your letter and all that goes on in your street
Alice I had the most amazing 99th
Wonderful but exhausting
Putting my last flowers in water at 8 o’clock in the evening
7 vases full
All varieties you can think of
Beautiful pink peonies in bud
now in full bloom.
It was a tonic seeing you
You both looked so happy and you as I said
younger Alice
The optician ran late so didn’t come, now the 13th
Sun warm but cool wind
This morning watering the balcony Alice
the Rhododendron is bursting its bud
thrilled is not the word
Stay safe and well and full of love
Wishing you all that you so richly deserve
Be happy darling
My Rhodi Alice is a picture
9 lovely blooms
deep red, glorious.

‘In Her Words’ written and read by Alice Whiting
Alice Whiting

Alice Whiting has three poems in the forthcoming Sunday Mornings At The River Anthology. Her poetry appears in the latest issue of Soft Quarterly Magazine and has been previously published by Versification Zine, The New River Press, Dear Damsels and She is Fierce Magazine. She lives in Berlin where she works as an Art Director.

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