by Safa Maryam

When the world becomes too loud,
I dive deep into,
The velvet of my sadness,
My blanket of blue.

I empty the glass always full,
‘Til old griefs pool in my chest,
My drowners turned comforters,
The friends that know me best.

I bury myself in childhood albums,
The graveyard of my memories,
Each stained blue at the edges,
Tainting each tranquillity.

Warm arms of a cerulean sea,
Reach out, soak, submerge me,
With sorrow that forever remains,
Through aches anchored in my veins.
When the world becomes too loud,
Past shades emerge anew,
My watercolour sadness,
Bathes me in blue.

Safa Maryam

Safa Maryam is a 22-year-old daydreamer, sunset admirer, and medical student (in decreasing order of success). She started storytelling when she was 5 and first turned to poetry to make sense of her feelings at the age of 13. She lives in England and in addition to reading and writing poetry, she enjoys painting, singing, and hosting board games nights with her friends.

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