Dear Damsels letter

Our next theme | RETREAT

Where do you go when you want to return to yourself? Our final theme of 2021 will be RETREAT.

Dear Damsels,

Where do you go when you want to return to yourself? Our next theme is RETREAT.

It’s where we find peace. A quiet landscape. A warm person. A joyful stillness. It’s also where we give in, put down the things we’re carrying, a place where we can be kind to ourselves and others.

It’s hard to know when to put on the breaks. Sometimes it’s long overdue. Other times it’s a snap decision, a calm ‘no’ that pulls you in a different, slower direction; not always intended, but definitely needed.

It’s accepting that you cannot do it all. It’s filling yourself up so that you’re ready to step back out into the world again, in your own time.

Take a pause, Damsels, and breathe. Tell us what soothes you.

Let us know by sending your words and stories to by Sunday 22nd August, but please read our writing guidelines first. We can’t wait to hear from you.

DD x

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