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POEMS AND PICKLES | Dilly Attygalle muses on the act of preserving moments in verse.


by Dilly Attygalle

sometimes there’s nothing
left to do
but bottle
these moments
of silent desolation
inside a verse
between lines
like amma
pickles mangoes
when they are
or bittersweet
seeds covered in
bright yellow flesh
once fresh
and swollen with promise
easily discardable
and yet preserved
for a later time.

‘Poems and Pickles’, written and read by Dilly Attygalle

Dilly Attygalle | @book__affairs |
Dilly has for the most part been a closet poet/writer all her life. 9 to 5 she works in publishing and devotes her spare time championing #slowreading via Book Affairs as well as running cosy little supper clubs introducing flavours from her childhood home in Sri Lanka to Londoners.