We know the difference that regular support can make to an independent publisher or writing community, and we’re so grateful to our Patreon members.

Being part of a Patreon can be such a rewarding way to support your favourite platforms and projects, and get perks in return, too. That’s why we wanted to take the chance to highlight a few of our favourite writerly Patreons offering exclusive content to their communities.

  1. Well Read Black Girl

Already a thriving online community of readers with over 400,000 Instagram followers, WRBG is dedicated to creating a space that connects Black women writers and readers together online. They’ve recently set up a Patreon dedicated to deepening your writing practice – plans for virtual workshops, author discussions and prompts are already underway.

2. London Writers Salon

LWS is an incredibly popular writing community that offers a whole host of events and content to help you build your creative practice and career. With masterclasses and events happening regularly, if you’re a writer who thrives off of structure and accountability, this could be one for you.

3. 3 of Cups Press

Focused on inclusive publishing, 3 of Cups Press is a small press creating challenging and thought-provoking collections and anthologies by emerging writers. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve set up a Patreon that publishes exclusive content as a way for writers and artists to create work and get paid from the income. It’s a brilliant initiative that’s well worth your time if you love reading exciting new work.

4. Claire Askew

Novelist and poet Claire Askew – author of All the Hidden Truths and What You Pay For – runs a Patreon that offers motivation and mentoring for writers. Perks include a fortnightly email, a monthly newsletter and Claire’s experience as a teacher and mentor to cheer you on.

5. Dear Damsels

We couldn’t resist reminding you of our own Dear Damsels Patreon. From £3 a month you can get detailed and personalised feedback on anything you submit to our publishing opportunities, plus extra writing prompts, reading recommendations and early access to DD events and projects. For a bit more, you’ll get in-depth editorial feedback on up to 4,000 words. Not too shabby, especially when your support will also be helping to provide a space for women to share their words and stories.

There are lots of ways to support writers and publishers, outside of a regular donation, including reading and sharing the writing you love. Being part of a Patreon is just one way to show your appreciation for the communities, publications and content that might inspire you.


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