Poetry shift

PERHAPS | Giovanna MacKenna looks again at her gaps and sees the possibilities instead.


by Giovanna MacKenna

Perhaps the gaps in me are not
empty but dance with dust created
when the shimmering pools of all
my existences were torn away

Perhaps, where now I see those
dim dark spots of chilling grey
I once was tailored whole into an
ocean of light and endless possibilities

Perhaps, when I glance away from
the voids I fail to fill (but which will
always follow) I’ll find an echo, an
afterglow, a faint but shining gleam
a shadow of my once roaring brilliance

Perhaps one dull and ordinary moment
I’ll find my hands filled with the threads
of a blazing scorching life – and I will rise
hold tight, and follow them to their ends

Giovanna MacKenna | @giovmac
After lengthy careers as an actor and a journalist, Giovanna was tasked to write a poem – and found she was full of them. She is now a published and commissioned poet and hopes her words will ease conversations about the difficult things which fill all our lives, but are rarely spoken aloud. Read more here: Post MortemHere, In the slim boat of each new day