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Dear Damsels is a publisher of fiction, non-fiction and poetry by emerging women writers. After four years of sharing the words of women online, through events and in our yearly magazine, we published our first book, Let Me Know When You’re Home, in February 2020. 

Why books?

Through our books, we are able to bring a collection of women’s voices together in one place, and share those voices with the world. We publish fiction, non-fiction and poetry because we love reading the stories of women in all forms. 

Our first collection was successfully crowdfunded in September 2019 and published in February 2020 – a compelling, honest and heartfelt collection about women’s friendships titled Let Me Know When You’re Home. In February 2021, we published our second: What She’s Having is all about the relationship women have to the food we cook, eat and share.

Our books contain your stories, and we hope they encourage you to share your own words. 


As well as opening submissions all year round for online publication, we also run regular calls for submissions for fiction, non-fiction and poetry for publishing into paperback.

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Words are empowering – not only for the women who write them, but those who read them too.

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