by Jennifer Copley

Each day was a self-set test 
of my mettle
The rules I set were fickle
impossible to follow
felt like a bid for survival
Now I see 
they were burying me
under unsettled layers.
Tectonic plates agitated 
by unwanted thoughts

I want to occupy
my body, the world
in new ways
Surrender myself
to the gentle
passing of days
Drift in uncertainty
feel the undulation of waves
carry me to new places

I embrace all the clichés
Unfolding petals
Clouds breaking
Chinks of light
Soul waking
Sights lifting
Ground no longer shaking
Vivid blue sky opening
I am grateful 
Heart full

Jennifer Copley | @jcopleywrites

Jennifer is an Arts Writer. Her articles have appeared online and in print, in publications such as Singapore Tatler HomesHarper’s Bazaar InteriorsHarper’s Bazaar Art and Identity. Her first short story ‘Milk’was shortlisted for Switzerland’s Woolf Short Story Competition. Her poems and short stories have been featured online by Hour of Writes. Jennifer lives in Copenhagen with her husband, their five year old daughter and seven month old son.

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