Struggling with motivation, stuck in a plot hole or can’t quite work out a character? We’re excited to announce that Dear Damsels is launching a creative writing advice column with Write Like a Grrrl founder Kerry Ryan.

Writing can be difficult. Often we meet with external and internal blocks that prevent us from getting words on the page, enjoying our creative practice and developing our skills. Do not fear, Dear Damsel! Say hello to Kerry, our new resident agony aunt. She’s here to help you solve your creative problems, reignite your passion for writing and beat those blocks. 

Kerry has taught creative writing for over ten years and has helped hundreds of students shrink the inner critic and ditch perfectionism, while working hard to overcome her own. Her teaching is strongly focused on self-compassion and finding joy in creative play and now she wants to help you. If you’re stuck, struggling, confused or need a push in the right direction, we want to hear from you!

Submit your question to us using the contact form below, and we might pick your problem to answer in our new column, Damsels in Distress, which will appear here, on the DD Blog.

Kerry Ryan, founder of Write Like a Grrrl

Kerry is the founder of Write like a Grrrl, which offers creative writing courses for women & NB in partnership with For Books’ Sake in the UK. Kerry’s Write like a Grrrl courses are now taught all over the world and Kerry has facilitated workshops across the UK, in Ireland and Russia. She has taught mindfulness and self-compassion as well as creative writing to actors, women leaving sex work, domestic abuse survivors and facilitated many LGBTQ+ creative writing courses. Her work has been featured in various publications including Steer, The Manchester Review, the Kenyon Review and Spilling Ink. Her play Trust was recently performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre.

We’re so excited to be welcoming Kerry onto the DD Blog, and we can’t to read her advice for your creative conundrums.

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