by Eleanor Dillon-Reams

(A how-to in 7 steps)

  1. Kiss
    freely and often-ly
    not just your lovers
    but your friends
    on the lips
    stop time
    hold hands
    and cuddle so tight your hearts beat
    to the same beat

  2. Let your ageing dad beat
    you in a race,
    mirror the look
    on his ecstatic winning face –
    get to know the little boy
    that still resides inside

  3. Sunshine;
    worship and roll in sunshine
    vitamin D and sun-kissed skin
    blossoming in freckles
    are integral for days 1–99

  4. For such hot days as these –
    cold beers
    big smiles
    dancing bodies,
    grinning thighs,
    stomp on the grass
    in your wellies seeped
    in mud and lust and glitter and
    dust off your worried work selves,
    climb out off the shelves of inside
    and hold your mouth open wide
    gawping at the beauty of outside.

    Take it all in darling.

  5. Sunrise prescribed for hopeless days
    Sunsets for settling stays at
    the chapter’s ending,
    hold on before the next one starts

  6. Farts are funny.

    Your five-year-old self knew best.

  7. Peanut Butter.
    Peanut Butter and Marmite,
    Peanut Butter and Jam,
    above all things Peanut Butter.

Eleanor Dillon-Reams | @Elle_D_Reams
Eleanor is a writer, actor, and poet. Originally from Brighton, she has been living in London since she was 18 and has been writing poetry and spoken word for the last four years.

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