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Dear Damsels, 

Our next theme is HOPE. The thing that keeps us moving forwards, thinking about tomorrow, daring to plan for something new.

Both big and small, everyday and once in a lifetime, it can be found in what’s-for-dinner wishes and lifelong dreams alike.

It’s personal, delicate, a feathered thing – optimistic, but cautiously so. We learn not to let it fly too high, and never let ourselves forget the last time someone brought it back to earth.

But it surprises us with its resilience, too – turning up where least expected, lighting up a desire for something better, for change, for action. For ourselves and for others. For what’s still to come.

What do you hope for, Damsels? Cling on to it, let it fly, but don’t lose it. Send us your words on this theme by Friday 17th July – but make sure to check our writing guidelines first. We can’t wait to hear from you.

DD x

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