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By becoming a member of our Patreon or purchasing a copy of one of our books, you'll be helping us to help more women share their words.

We always want to be able to create new opportunities for women to share their writing, receive feedback, be published and connect with other writers.

We are passionate about sharing women’s voices – and for the past four years, DD has been the very definition of a passion project.

By becoming a member of our Patreon or purchasing a copy of one of our books, you can help support our platform, so that more women can go on to share their words.

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We love what we do and want to grow as a platform while continuing to improve on what we currently offer. But, to do this, we need the help of our wonderful collective. Through Patreon, we are offering the opportunity to access bonus DD content – including writing prompts and reading recommendations – as well as extra writing support from Team DD. You can read more information on our Patreon Q&A.

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What members of our Patreon have said . . .

“I’ve had timely and really helpful feedback on my work from Dear Damsels and a place to get read for the first time. Check out some of the fab writing online and please consider supporting them on Patreon.”

“Super proud to be able to be a patron for Dear Damsels. Watching the hard work it has taken to bring this project go from a fledgling idea to an amazing platform to champion women’s writing has been endlessly inspiring.”

“Very happy to be able to support Dear Damsels – Abby & Bridie have created a wonderful community & championed so many fabulous writers over the past few years.”

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From our yearly collections of writing by women to our first paperback on female friendship, it’s easy for you to dive into our words and discover new writing by women in print. All profit goes straight back into the running of our collective.

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  1. Michael Baron

    I am trying to get in touch with Jennifer Copley- who read for me in Cockermouth on 5 July 2014. Please send me her email address or forward this to her, Michael Baron—–

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