by Sayaka Mari Lange

Sounds emerge out of dusty stillness
Listen to the moths pulse and shudder
Listen to the flies dying on the windowsill
Outside the gulls sing, the geese return home
Fly with them
Inside the light is unchanged at five o’clock
Patterns dazzle
Close your eyes and understand

Dimensions stretch and time begins to overlap
I meditate and miss every part of myself
The water that beats and grasps and releases
The water that hangs electrified in the air
The water that meanders and rests
I fade

There is a momentary rapture
Worlds halt
Listen to your breath as if from far away
The ritual proceeds
In movement you cannot recreate the stasis
Remember the message of the trees
The rooted sing that creatures sway
Dancing between suffering and harmony

Sayaka Mari Lange | @sayakamarila
Sayaka was born in San Francisco and is currently based in London, where she is studying Comparative Literature at UCL. She is midway through writing a novel but is far too prone to distraction to write as often as she would like.

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