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Dear Damsels, 

We’re relearning to be by ourselves, but being apart doesn’t mean we’re alone. Our next theme is CONNECTION.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so tell us about the voices that are at the end of the phone. The ties that bind you, built by years and years of shared time.

It’s the start of a conversation you’ve never finished. A spark that ignited an idea, a relationship, a moment. The final link in a chain.

We need it now more than ever – the hum of community, of warmth, of hope. As we learn to build new routines from uncertainty, write to us about the hands you’ve held, the backs you’ve supported and the triumphs you’ve shared.

Connect with us, Damsels. Send us your words on this theme by Sunday 17th May – but make sure to check our writing guidelines first.

DD x

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