by Lorena Germano

in a heap of heavy feelings
i spotted an airy one:
that’s how i felt
after miles of hands tied
and months of a knotted life
was free to just walk ahead

not working on something
struggling through something
running from something
or outgrowing something

for now, just
building something else
tasting something fresh

those days were a tough route
i had to have the courage and the calm
to spend nights untangling life like a necklace

it looked hard, it felt fun
it crumpled me
made me angry, lost, weak
and then i was not leaving until it was done
(or undone)

it took patience
persevering fingertips
a daring needle

and one day i looked around
i was not in the maze anymore
i was in that golden and delicate moment
the last knot is untied

a place of relief
and closure
and clean sky
and daylight

where everything can be new again
and good and mine

Lorena Germano | @mythunder | @lorrrs
Lorena is a Brazilian writer living in Rio, where she works mostly on social media and digital content and enjoys traveling through books, magazines and diaries.

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