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Dear Damsels, 

It’s not too long before the leaves will return to the trees, which is why our next theme will be NATURE.

Whether escaping to the great outdoors or reconnecting with yourself, it’s doing what feels good; what feels natural. 

You step outside and feel it in your bones, in your breath – exploring your surroundings and using your body, as nature intended.

It’s untameable, cruel, a thing of plenty, running out. It’s maternal. It’s something to protect. Growing, thriving, decaying, always ready to start again. 

Go au naturale with us, damsels, and tell us what’s on your mind. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Send us your words by Sunday 15th March – but make sure to check our writing guidelines first. 

DD x


A change to Dear Damsels submissions

We’re going to be changing the way we open submissions this year. Instead of sending you a monthly letter, we’ll be opening a new submission theme every two months – which should give you longer to send us your thoughts on each theme, and also give us more time to revel in your words.

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