by q. tuesday

it scratches the back of my throat
dry on my tongue
dances over tips of my fingers
flips in the hollow of my stomach
itches between shoulder blades
slides up pale, prickling thighs

wanting ignites
wanting consumes
wanting gives and takes
abandons all reason

i hunger
all i know is how to gnash my teeth 
and howl and thrash wildly and

i feed only on how i make you feel something
i am insatiable for it

(i don’t know what it’s like to be full.)

baby my favourite sound
is your breath’s shuddering staccato 
if i could i’d drink it down
burn in the back of my throat be damned

i hunger like everyone else
and i want so badly, for satisfaction
the taste of something more permanent
clamouring and caramel and sickly sweet

and though you are not mine, my sometime lover
sometimes i dream of what i’d do if you were handed to me
on a plate

(i’d eat you alive.)

q. tuesday | @qtuesdaywrites | @q.tuesdaywrites

q. tuesday is a 27-year-old writer based in London, originating from up north. She writes under a pseudonym so her very supportive family don’t google when she writes about sex. She mostly writes when she is stuck on the tube. Good at Instagram, bad at Twitter. It’s a curse. 

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