The December Letter // Submissions now closed.

We want your words on the theme of CELEBRATION by 17th November

Submissions are now closed for this theme.

Dear Damsels,

You made it through 2019, and we think that’s something to be proud of. That’s why our theme for December is CELEBRATION.

From small gatherings, to boozy blowouts, to a dinner for one, it can come in many forms. Marking an occasion, celebrating a person, or needing no reason at all.

It can be a chance to let go, a clearly defined moment to eat, drink and be merry, to put all the other things aside – just for a while. But it can also be pressure: to entertain, to enjoy yourself, to be happy.

Whether it’s been the best of years or one that you’d rather not remember, celebrate something with us, Damsels – or simply raise a toast to yourself.

Send your words on this theme to us at contact@deardamsels.com by Sunday 17th November, though please check our writing guidelines first. We can’t wait to hear from you.

DD x

For more writing opportunities, sign up to our mailing list – we send out a new theme letter every two months.

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