Welcome to our female friendship special! Diving into our archive, we’ll be discussing some of our favourite pieces of writing exploring the relationships between women, as well as the books, TV and films doing the same thing. Plus, we’ll be getting to hear your take on female friendship, in your own words.

We’ll also be telling you all about our upcoming paperback publication, Let Me Know When You’re Home: Stories of Female Friendship, which we’re currently crowdfunding, and which this special episode is dedicated to.

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This episode, we kick off the episode with the words of Gloria Steinem:

Women understand. We may share experiences, make jokes, paint pictures, and describe humiliations that mean nothing to men, but women understand. The odd thing about these deep and personal connections of women is that they often ignore barriers of age, economics, worldly experience, race, culture – all the barriers that, in male or mixed society, had seemed so difficult to cross.”

–Gloria Steinem

Extra reading female friendship:

On growing up together
Best Friends Forever Sara Sherwood (DD)

On growing apart:
The Way You Smelled of Pineapples Alice Slater (DD)

On fake friends:
Pages Sara Grant

On old friends:
Ash: a love story Sinead Gordon (DD)

On women supporting women:
Ghost Alizee Chesnoy


Hollywood’s new kind of love story (BBC)

From Thelma To Louise: How Female Friendship on Screen Got Real (Guardian)

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