by Ferhana Jameel

Himmat karna!

Have strength!

Always said my brave Mum

The tapestry of colours and patterns on her shalwar kameez

Glistening in the morning sun.

She who triumphed over strange waters, a strange sweet man

And even stranger people

Swallowed her festering fear

Entered this arena and this gamble


Promising her daughters lives full of joy, laughter and


She freed me.

This woman stands before me

All mocha hues and furrowed brow,

Head cocked to the side with a matching crooked smile.

A true daredevil,

Foreigner to the comfort zone,


I know

I owe her an eternal debt

I pray

I was worth this infernal bet.

Ferhana Jameel | Instagram @the_achi_bachi

Ferhana is a South London-based writer working in academic publishing. She is on a journey right now trying to explore themes of South Asian diaspora and identity, hoping to reach some words of truth in the process.  

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