The August Letter // Find out about next month’s theme

Deadline 26th July.

Dear Damsels,

It’s time for you to look at how far you’ve come. The theme for August is GROWTH.

Glance down and see the roots beneath you. Think about where they’ve come from. Did you have to push and pull against them, or did they help you rise above and beyond? ?

It surprises you. Maybe you catch yourself in the mirror and are taken aback by the person looking at you. Do you know that person? Do you know how they got here?

You might feel like you’re still changing, or want to. You might want to spread your arms and take up more space, go bigger, higher, better. Maybe something’s standing in your way. ?

We say, ‘I wish you would grow up.’ Do you say it to yourself? Do you say it to someone else? 

It’s transformation. It’s a reluctant decision. It’s progress. It’s one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.?

Grow with us, Damsels. Please send any words to contact@deardamsels.com by Friday 26th July, making sure to check our guidelines first.

DD x

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