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I DARE YOU | Becky Handley dares us to believe in ourselves.


by Becky Handley

I dare you,

To accept who you are,

To know your worth,

And feel sympathy for those for can’t see it.

I dare you,

To take time out to care for yourself,

To relax and unwind,

To let things go,

To eat well,

To shower,

To brush your teeth,

I dare you,

To accept that some days these feel like impossible tasks.

And to celebrate the smallest of wins.

I dare you

To stand up for yourself,

To fight for what you believe in,

And to know your voices matter even when it shakes.

I dare you,

To know if you can’t speak up,

We still see you.

We still know.

I dare you,

To just be,

Just be you,  

In all your glory.

And to know that you are enough.

I dare you.

I dare me.

Becky Handley | @beckyhandleyart | www.beckyhandley.com

Becky is an artist who usually works in photography, film and installation
but has always had a great passion for writing, with her taking the plunge and starting a blog in 2018. Born in small town in Derbyshire, she currently
resides in Leicester with her boyfriend and lots of books.

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