It’s the third episode of Her Own Words!

It’s that time again! We’re back, and this episode we’re catching you up on springtime with Dear Damsels, including our most recent themes (AWAKENING, ESCAPE and BODY), talking about the funny women debate, and other things that have caught our eye as the sun has started to shine. We’re also delighted to welcome Tutku Barbaros onto the podcast to tell us all about theatre group Plunge.

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This episode, we kick off the episode with the words of Amy Poehler:

“You put your hand on your heart and feel it beating and decide if what you wrote feels true. You do it because the doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing. That is what I know.”

Amy Poehler, Yes Please

Extra reading:


On everyday awakenings:
Anyone? Lu Smith (DD)
Tamed Gabrielle Turner (DD)
Never the Same Sleep Again Tutku Barbaros (DD)


On escaping reality:
Dear Harry Kane Emily Tucker (DD)
The Lone Star State Mary Bolton (DD)

On escaping life (and when you’re not able to):
Sick Day Laura Mitchell-Ghafoor (DD)
I Have Been Thinking Lucy Goodwill (DD)

June / BODY

Anatomy Elizabeth Atkin (DD)
Growing Pains Emer O’Toole (DD)

Dearest Damsels

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‘People don’t expect women to be funny’: Marian Keyes on Comedy women in print shortlist

Comedy Women in Print Prize Shortlist Announcement

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