The July Letter // Find out about next month’s theme…

Write for us on the theme of DARE - deadline Weds 26th June.

Dear Damsels,

Thrill-seeking, risk-taking, truth-avoiding. The theme for July is DARE.

From heart-pounding moments and hair-raising thrills, it’s knowing your limits and choosing to push past them. Taking the leap – or choosing not to.

When you embody it, it looks like fearlessness, though really it’s feeling the fear and going for it anyway. Faking it ’til you make it.

It’s a challenge, a gauntlet thrown down – it’s asking someone for more.

So, write for us on this theme, Damsels: we dare you. Please send any words to contact@deardamsels.com by Wednesday 26th June, making sure to check the guidelines first.

DD x

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