We’re sure you’ve heard it before.

Girls support girls, empowered women empower women, support your local girl gang – optimistic, encouraging phrases that are plastered on T-shirts, totes and prints reminding us that it is our job as women to make sure others are seen.

We’re not the type to follow a slogan, but this one does make sense. After all, we’re a platform championing female voices: we support, we empower – and ‘female collective’ isn’t a million miles away from ‘girl gang’ on Thesaurus.com.

Great things happen when women come together. Our ability to create, challenge and make change is wrapped up in all the potential you feel when talking to a friend, hearting a post by a female artist on Instagram or wearing a hand-printed T-shirt created by a female designer. Girls supporting girls. We’re into it.

When we heard about Tits London, a pop-up in London that champions female designers and artists, we felt like Dear Damsels was a natural fit. Not only do they do all that, 10% of the proceeds also go to CoppaFeel!, the breast cancer awareness charity that does important work to remind young people to know their normal and check their breasts.

We went along during the week it was popping up in Hackney and it was amazing to see so much female creativity in one room. The shop was full of prints, cards, mugs, cushions (and DD Annuals) all made by independent female artists, raising money for a disease that will affect 1 in 8 of us. Girls supporting girls, right?

We wanted to feature a few creators who caught our eye, and introduce them to you in case you missed them.

Keep an eye on the Tits.London Instagram for news about their next location – it’s a brilliant initiative that we were honoured to be part of.


A brilliant place to start, GIRLvsCANCER was created by Lauren Mahon after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2017. Launched originally as a hub of information and encouragement, Lauren soon started to design and distribute a range of boobie-emblazoned slogan T-shirts, aka ‘TIT-TEES’. Now, GIRLvsCANCER is its own community supporting people affected by breast cancer and beyond.

Hollie Lam

We loved Holly’s pun-filled designs, from Starbucks-drink-turned-Spice-Girl to her brilliant dog drawings. She says her illustrations are like an ‘online diary’ – but brings them offline in a series of cards you can buy on her Etsy. Pink, punny, pups – what more could you want?

KitsCH Noir

KitsCH Noir describe their cards as an inclusive and ‘desired representation of our beautiful, diverse British culture’. They celebrate black British experience, showing love, joy and humour through their design (and they have a great knack for a greeting card flat lay).

Good Girl Gang

The founders of Good Girl Gang taught themselves how to screen-print from a YouTube video and haven’t looked back since. Their hand-pulled and hand-printed range of cotton T-shirts and totes are clothing for the underrepresented – with phrases that you’ll be proud to wear emblazoned across your chest (NOT YOUR BABE and BOYS LIE are our particular favourites).

We hope you enjoy scrolling and supporting female creators!


Bri x

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