by Roz Weaver

It does not require a magic wand
you do not need three wishes
there is no genie with his lamp
or an idol to take your kisses.
There is no well to drop any pennies
nor holy water to bless us by
the grass is bare of four leaf clovers
and no shooting stars are in the sky.
But you have the greatest gift there is
it’s owned by no-one else,
tomorrow be a bit less predictable,
and instead
believe in yourself.

Roz Weaver | @weaverroz |

Roz is a spoken word performer and internationally published poet from the North of England. She has been published in a number of journals and zines, including most recently with Anti-Heroin Chic, Yellow Arrow Journal and Printed Words, as well as in three anthologies. In 2018, her work was displayed at the annual Rape Crisis UK Conference, as well being displayed and performed at two further exhibitions in London – ‘The Sunlight Project’ and ‘Testimony’.

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