The May Letter // Escape

Introducing May's theme, ESCAPE. Send all submissions by Weds 24th April.

Dear Damsels,

Hastily planned; meticulously mapped out; only ever dreamed of. Our theme for May is ESCAPE

From new places to nights out, from quiet moments to big leaps, it’s about freedom – to breathe, to rest, to forget, to think. To get away from it all.

It’s where you’re going, as well as what you’re leaving behind. It can be for tonight only – or for who knows how long.

It’s always a possibility.

So, whether you have a destination in mind or if you’re in it for the journey, escape with us, damsels. Send your words to contact@deardamsels.com, making sure to check our guidelines first. We can’t wait to hear from you.

DD x

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