It’s the second episode of Her Own Words!

This time, we’re talking about the first few months of the year – from hosting events, feeling burnt-out to taking a break – and discussing your words and stories on the fascinating themes of origins (tracing your identity and the ritual of family recipes) and promises (the making and breaking of).

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This episode, we kick off the episode with the words of Nora Ephron:

“Above all, be the heroine in your life, not the victim.”
– Nora Ephron

Extra reading:


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February / ORIGINS

On the destruction of diaries:
The Diary Flora Willis (DD)
Burning a Diary Amina Razzack (DD)

On food connecting you to your past:
Of Lemons Gabrielle Turner (DD)
Pite by Nora Selmani (DD)


To Me, Love Me Emily Tucker (DD)
A Surplus Sarah Little (DD)

Dearest Damsels

Elizabeth Lovatt / @elizabethlovatt

the tiny narrative / @tiny_narrative
me and mia Sara Sherwood (the tiny narrative)


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