by Jo Fisher

I once wished for thicker hair,
a nose whose bulge was barely there,
smaller hips and slimmer thighs
and fewer lines around my eyes;
Less tendency to move to tears,
a brain that wouldn’t dwell on fears;
the chance to worry so much less,
a gut that behaved under stress;
skin that tanned when in the sun
and no need to please everyone.

But all these things I once wished gone
are traits that I now dote upon;
each fault and quirk, each piece of me
are treasures from my family tree.
In the mirror, in myself
I see the hand genetics dealt.
If these changed, I wouldn’t be
a living piece of history.
Centuries of love; each story
written on my very body.

To change would be to disrespect
a legacy I should protect.
In me, I see from where I came;
the people who gave me my name.

In accepting each and every flaw
is loving those who came before.

Jo Fisher | @joannefisher  | @jo_fisher_ | 
Jo is a writer, poet and editor based in Southampton, UK. She wants to tell the stories we collect in life along the way, and is currently dipping her toe into performing her work at open mics and poetry slams.

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