by Leanne Moden

Because I once failed my French GCSE
because someone I loved disappointed me
because I was trying too hard.

Because we lived near a main road
because I didn’t eat my vegetables
because my grandma used to smoke.

Because everything happens for a reason
because I didn’t learn how to cartwheel
because I am a typical Scorpio.

Because you kept the house too warm
because I once ate a dog biscuit on a dare
because I didn’t try hard enough.

Because I was wearing the wrong shoes
because I have an overactive imagination
because I didn’t write it all down.

Because I don’t get enough sleep
because there’s no other possible way for me to be
because I haven’t tried everything yet.

Leanne Moden | @LeanneModenPoet | leannemodenpoet |

Leanne Moden is a poet from Nottingham. She’s performed at events around Europe, including Prima Vista in Estonia and Día Mundial de la Poesía in Spain. Leanne also performs at UK festivals including WOMAD Festival, the BBC Edinburgh Fringe Slam, the Fourth Wave Feminist Festival, and Bestival on the Isle of Wight.

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