The October Letter

Dear Damsels,

As the nights draw in, pull us in close. October’s theme is COMFORT.

It’s the warmth of a hug, a soothing voice, an extra layer wrapped tightly around you. It’s all the things that ease your spine at the end of a long day, and make you take a moment – just a moment.

You seek it out in a familiar place, a favourite person, a memory you return to again and again. It’s indulgent, and it should be.

Sometimes, it’s the cotton-wool casing it can be hard to step outside of – and everything that can happen in those moments of discomfort when you do.

Tell us about your moments of comfort, Damsels. Send us your words on this theme to contact@deardamsels.com by Sunday 30th September (but make sure you check out our writing guidelines first).

DD x

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