by Emily Marucci



don’t forget


don’t forget the way you felt

the way you allowed yourself to dream

the comfort of having your dad by your side

how you held onto him

how surprised you were

when the moon came out

before the sun went down

and the way you felt

when you learnt that apples grow on trees

dont forget

how you loved

the simple things

crayons on the kitchen table

and barefeet

but most of all

dont forget

the way you felt that anything was possible



you are older than you were

a second ago


where did my life take a turn?

you asked

as you looked around

at the sand

at the water

it looked as if you could see

past the horizon

and into heaven or something

you said you were once








drawing sunsets in your leather journal

and reaching out over fences

resting your hand on the horse

that lived down the road

in colorado


how did i get to where i am now?

you asked


the sun was setting

and suddenly

the breeze came


the trees got loud

the ocean rumbled

and took our breath away




like the trees


we all must shed our stories




hold on


you can search for it

and you can roll through the film

and you can look at it

from computers and screens and phones


but there’s certain moments

you can’t get back


you can never get back


all photography by Emily Marucci

Emily Marucci | @emmymarucci |

There’s only one thing Emily Marucci values above the written word, and that’s family. Born in the late ’80s to a creative brood, Marucci found deep inspiration in storytelling, a nightly ritual at the dinner table. This constant narrative combined with emotional outpouring—from crying to kissing on the cheek to listening to her grandfather’s trumpet sing—all form her childhood memories and make her feel at home.

Becoming a young poet was a natural next step. She eventually moved to New York City and gathered an artistic cohort, taking nostalgic photos with a 35mm camera and writing for zines. What began as an amateur expression evolved into SHK Magazine, a digital hub created from scratch, featuring the likes of Lorde, Tove Lo, and Langley Fox Hemingway. She has created digital copy for Lord & Taylor, Hudson’s Bay, Tarin Thomas, Cienne NY, LuMee, Nexxus NY Hair Care and most recently, for sustainable fashion brand EILEEN FISHER. Her next poetry book will be coming out March 2019, published by Andrews Mcmeel.

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