by Eleanor Dillon-Reams

Look at you, you clever brave girl.
In spite of it all, look at how you stand tall
A 100% success rate for getting through even the darkest of days
Still finding strength to reach out for the sun’s rays
Creating, crafting, never pausing on your unrelenting passion to make your art
Channelling everything thrown at you, despite broken and bruised heart
You’re smart. A brilliant brain and mind
Your heart is big enough to care for everyone, a huge capacity to be kind
A special find.
Never doubt your perfect individuality
You are wonderful just as you are, even when you can’t see
Any positivity, know others around you do and will be
There to care, just as you are for them.
A caring loving girl, a loyal and true friend
Look at you, you clever brave girl,
Adventuring across this big wide world
Stories unfurled from first steps onto new ground
Wisdom and treasures jeweled memories found
Write it all down, your diaries will forever be dear
Some words of solace for future-you when things perhaps aren’t clear
Never fear. You are safe, you are loved, you are here.
And isn’t that wonderful. Clever brave girl. It’s okay to shed these tears.
You’ve lived a patchwork plentiful life already despite your youthful years
Continue to be brave, continue to be clever,
Breathe in, exhale out, feel the lightness of a feather.
Let’s jump in holding hands together.

Eleanor Dillon-Reams | @Elle_D_Reams

Eleanor is a writer, actor, and poet. Originally from Brighton, she has been living in London since she was 18 and has been writing poetry and spoken word for the last four years.

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