by Hannah Chutzpah

Standing on the shoulders of giants
Standing on the metal steps
Looking out to the future
With history staring back, glaring back
We have lent you our ears
You are not become death but
Everyone is watching, Neil
Don’t let us down, Neil
Billions of dollars, Neil
Beating the Russians, Neil
Everyone is watching, Neil:
Your boss
The commies
Every girl who ever rejected you
Your doctor, your pastor, your parents
Take your first step
Take a bow
Take care
Everyone is watching, Neil
Gravity is different here
Sound doesn’t exist here
Sound important, Neil
Everyone is watching, Neil.


Hannah Chutzpah | @Hannah_Chutzpah

Hannah Chutzpah has been described as ‘fine’ by three therapists, as ‘of good character’ by a high court judge, and as a ‘potential maggot-thrower’ by the Metropolitan police. Her third collection Permeable is published by Burning Eye Books.

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